Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Interlude 8. Ronald N. Gottschalk, Legal Predator — A Public Warning

Update at Interlude 16.

Some State Bar respondents deserve disbarment. In this category falls Ronald Norton Gottschalk, Esq., a parasite who fraudulently offers to buy research time, even resorts to the check-is-in the-mail subterfuge, and intends never to pay. Gottschalk faces charges and probable disbarment, but he is sufficiently unprincipled to prey on other State Bar respondents, defrauding one after failing with the other. On breach of solidarity, we State Bar opponents and respondents must police ourselves.

Gottschalk's verbose attempt to intimidate and bully reveals the kind of lawyer he is or was. Despite claiming he supports the legal war against the California State Bar in public and lawyers' interest, he plays State Bar stooge by threatening this blog's extinction. He resembles the State Bar in more than practicing with knavish ethics: he also practices idiocy. His threatening e-mail, below, accuses me of violating confidentiality by disclosing his skulduggery. When Gottschalk first telephoned, I was suspended by the State Bar, as he, kanBARoo court reader, knew. As to ethics, distinguished from legality, I instructed Gottschalk before discussing his case that no professional relationship existed until he paid a $750.00 retainer, the "check in the mail"; his intrusive phone calls immediately alerted me Gottschalk's character is amiss.




1160 South Golden West Ave., Suite 3

Arcadia, California 91007

E-mail: Gov@roadrunner.com

Tel: (626) 755-1688

Fax: (877) 284-3067


December 16, 2008



Stephen R. Diamond, J.D.

6424 Mountain View, St #2
Joshua Tree, CA, 92252

Re: Gottschalk v. Diamond et al.

Notice to Cease and Desist for Violation of B&P §6068(e) and B&P §6450-6455

Notice of Intent to seek injunctive relief, OSC re contempt including the removal of your

Blog and website for your continued violation of B&P §6068(e) and B&P §6450-6455 and orders of the California Supreme Court, without limitation

Dear Mr. Diamond:

Your conduct to date reflects that you continue to violate B&P §6068(e) and B&P §6450-6455 against myself and others. Your allegations are specifically denied and constitutes bad faith and actionable conduct including for an award of actual and punitive damages.

Although you have been recently disbarred by the Supreme Court of the State of California, you are still obligated to maintain confidentiality under B&P §6068(e) and B&P §6450-6455 and cannot use your website or blog to obtain collateral advantage over myself and others.

Accordingly, if you breach confidentiality or publish any information about me on your blog and website as you have threatened or reveal confidential information to third parties, I will sue you under the RICO Act and will seek injunctive relief, an OSC re criminal contempt of the California Supreme Court Order for your disbarment and for removal of your website and blog for the unauthorized practice of law by you, without limitation. You have admitted that the blog and websites are owned and maintained by you.

Mr. Stephen Diamond, J.D.

Re: Gottschalk v. Diamond

December 16, 2008

Page 2

Nothing contained herein shall constitute a waiver of my collective rights and remedies against you and those who aid and abet you. Your conduct is actionable and you continued

violation of B&P §6068(e) and B&P §6450-6455 constitutes sufficient grounds for the relief that I will request from the Federal Court. None of your conduct is privileged and is further actionable based upon your disbarment and violation of the orders of the California Supreme Court.

Very truly yours,





Anonymous said...

This man is nothing short of a mental nut case who poses as an attorney. He goes from person to person attempting to get free legal services with promises to pay when he only real attempt is to get free information on procedures he is too ignorant to figure out for himself. His constant phone calls, intimidating tactics and his grandiose delusional belief that he is really someone who is anyone, is nothing short of a bad joke on not only whoever he has engaged in listening to his vociferous diatribe and delusional thinking, but is a sham and mockery to the legal profession. This man should be put behind bars for posing as an attorney. This type of man is nothing short of a menace to society. Beware of getting too near Ronald Gottschalk ... the stench may permeate the fabric of your soul!!!

Ripped Off By Ronnie said...

After answering an ad on Craigslist, I typed several pleadings from hours of dictation from Ronald N. Gottschalk last year, for which I was never paid (a little over $400). One of the pleadings was used to win a judgment. He did live dictation and watched me work several hours taking dictation over GoToMeeting.com, told me to send him the legal documents, then later claimed that I "did the wrong thing" after having watched me type for 10 cumulative hours, the last day. He threatened to fire me, and I blew his eardrums out screaming "I QUIT." I emailed several emails to addresses he provided me with my timecard attached and home address, but never got paid. He kept insisting I open an account at Bank of America so he could pay me, "I can't pay you unless you open an account at Bank of America," and I even mailed him a deposit slip with the account number on it, to no avail.

I later had regrets about providing such information, because what could a person do with your bank account information on your computer using GoToMeeting.com-they might be able to hack into your account, use it to launder money, etc. or use it to rip someone else off. I have since deleted all
gotomeeting.com files and keep a minimal balance in the account.

Upon doing a California Business search, http://kepler.sos.ca.gov/corpdata/ShowAllList?QueryCorpNumber=C0706646
I discovered that his California Corporation had been suspended. How can someone practice law in California with a suspended corporation?
One is not supposed to-it's illegal.

I did a phone number search on the number he gave me and got a residence of someone else in Arcadia, presumably a relative. That relative is an accessory to fraud, and the apn number of that address will link ownership records of the property to Gottschalk or his accessories.

If you ever see a want ad for legal help with gov@roadrunner.com and the Arcadia office address, steer clear of it to avoid being ripped off.

Why the email named "gov" at roadrunner.com? Well, Mr. Big Shit stated he lived in the same neighborhood as our wonderful governor, whose neighborhood just became public knowledge recently when demonstrations over the cuts were held there.

So this asshole is living high off of others' free labor?

Anyone who has had similar problems, please describe them here, then we can get together and turn him in to the State Bar. One person's complaint might not carry much weight, but several peoples' will.

In Memorium to the Mama Cat Kiwi who died because I didn't have enough money to take her to the vet, thanks to this asshole.
Thank you for this blog site. One can't sue for internet fraud for less than $1,000, and the fee to file a motion in Los Angeles Superior Court is 75% of what he owes me.

However, if enough unpaid workers band together in a class action lawsuit, we can take his ass to the cleaners, or at the very least get him disbarred, at minimal expense to us all.

Deadbeat Hunter said...


All you have to do is do a name search on the deadbeat in question and you find more instances of non-payment of money owed.

Anonymous said...

If this attorney owes money and refuses to pay, you can file an involuntary bankruptcy in his name and all of his assets will be tied up in Bankruptcy court, from which those who are owed money will get paid. Easy, simple and the trustee is on your side. File a Chapter 7. Also, adversary actions can be filed within the bankruptcy, for which you can sue the Attorney for breach of contract and obtaining labor by fraud. If the BK court finds fraud the Attorney will never be able to discharge that debt. BK court is full of really jovial judges (NOT) who do not like frauds or fraudulent attorneys.

Stephen R. Diamond said...

For recent developments concerning this gentleman, see:


Anonymous said...

Nov. 2009 CalBar Journal:

Embezzlement charges land Arcadia lawyer in jail

An Arcadia lawyer charged a year ago with 19 counts of misconduct by the State Bar was arrested last month on embezzlement charges for allegedly misappropriating more than $350,000 in client funds. RONALD NORTON GOTTSCHALK [#50625], 66, is charged with two counts of grand theft by embezzlement and faces two years in prison on each count.

According to Deputy District Attorney Renee Cartaya of the Justice System Integrity Division, Gottschalk allegedly pocketed $240,000 in settlement monies belonging to nine victims he represented in a civil lawsuit. He also is accused of stealing about $118,000 from a victim who hired him to manage the estate of a deceased relative.

Gottschalk pleaded not guilty and was ordered to appear for a preliminary hearing Oct. 26.

The bar filed misconduct charges in five client matters in November 2008, including the cases that led to Gottschalk’s arrest. . . .

[full text at www.calbar.org]

Anonymous said...

You are all right - this man is a major nutcase - big time - I worked for him and he ripped me off by $4K for wages and breaches of contract. He is a serious psychopath and deserves to be disbarred and put away. Don't bother forcing him into BK - he doesn't have any assets - everything he has is in his family members' name and trusts.

The public needs to be aware of this psycho - he is a menace to society in the worst possible way

Anonymous said...

Ronald N. Gottschalk latest adventures @: