Thursday, November 29, 2007

kanBARoo Court, Interlude, Support

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Diamond on the Side of the Angels
The lawyers' monopoly guild -- also known as the State Bar of California -- has filed disciplinary action against Mr. Stephen Diamond, a frequent poster to this newsgroup.
Diamond's particular views, detailed in his posts over the years, are at times repugnant to proletarian morality.
But democratic rights are indivisible. Remember Dreyfus?
Mr. Diamond is subject to proceedings which are neither fish nor foul, an inquisitorial process in which he lacks even the nominal protections afforded to criminal defendants in the US system of class justice.
In turning against one of its own, that system exhibits the viciously uncontrolled character of the State Bar system itself, accorded a semijudicial stature without being subject to proper review by the capitalists' State.
Obscenely, this disciplinary action is ostensibly taken in the name of lower-income immigrant workers defrauded by some of Diamond's business associates. Every arcane procedural loophole the Lawyers' Trust employs against Mr. Diamond oozes its basic hostility to anything approaching the actual merits of a case: Imagine the situation of immigrant workers or business owners, whose knowledge of English is limited, trying to navigate the system controlled by that Trust!
Mr. Diamond's personal views sometimes oppose the interests of the international working class.
Those arrayed against him here are implacable enemies of Justice -- even that shade of Justice which avowedly serves the interests of the bourgeoisie.
Mr. Diamond's blog, "kanBARoo court: Critique of the State Bar Establishment; how legal ineptitude generates oppression" is at: - posted by Avuitoca

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